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SY-YDJ Electronic colposcopy

SY-YDJ Electronic colposcopy


Electronic colposcopy is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instrument. It is suitable for the diagnosis of various cervical diseases and genital lesions (sexual diseases). It can magnify the observed image by 10 to 60 times, and find small lesions that cannot be detected by the naked eye. With this magnification effect, doctors can clearly see the tiny lesion details on the cervical epidermis and genital epidermis through the large-screen display, which helps to improve the accuracy of judging cervical and genital lesions, and provides early diagnosis of diseases. The basis is to enable patients to receive effective treatment in advance and greatly increase the cure rate of the disease.

Electronic colposcopy


For the diagnosis of cervical lesions, it is of great value for early cervical cancer and reproductive lesions.
Can be used to diagnose cervical erosion, cancer and male and female diseases.
Diagnose diseases more intuitively and accurately. It is applied to the general survey and diagnosis of women's cervical, vaginal, vulvar diseases and male genital epidermal lesions without any trauma and side effects. The image of the lesion can be magnified 10-60 times. It can not be observed by naked eyes. In order to improve the diagnosis rate of cervical cancer diseases and sexual diseases, it is an important auxiliary method to diagnose precancerous lesions and sexual diseases of vulva, vagina and cervix.

Product advantages

1. It has the function of hysteroscopy imaging analysis system, which can perform image processing on hysteroscopy images.
2. Editable medical papers with images to facilitate teaching and academic exchanges.
3. With a large-capacity expert diagnostic word inventory and a wealth of diagnostic templates, it can quickly generate standardized diagnostic reports.
4. Electronic colposcopy can collect fluorescence images, and can compare and display white light images and fluorescence images on the same screen, which is convenient for diagnosis.
5. Various enhancement processing can be performed on the fluorescence image to improve the diagnosis level.
6. The true color dynamic image display of electronic colposcopy, dynamic image zooming, zooming out, far focusing, near focusing, image processing.

Technical specification

Color CCD 1/4” super HAD color ccd
Horizontal resolution 800TVL
Focus distance 22 times optical zoom
Display mode Large character display mode
Screen HD screen
Working life >100000hs
Signal-to-noise ratio ≤50db
Illuminance 300mm≥800Lux

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