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SHREK Ductoscope Surgery

SHREK Ductoscope Surgery


Ductoscope endoscopy, also known as electronic breast fiber endoscope, is the first choice for diagnosis of the cause of nipple discharge due to its convenient operation, small trauma, and intuitiveness.
Ductoscope has replaced breast duct angiography, which can effectively improve the diagnosis rate of breast duct lesions. It can also be used for the treatment of benign duct lesions, such as ductoscopy-assisted minimally invasive resection of lesions, plasma cell mastitis Treatment, positioning of tumor guide wire in breast duct, etc..

Ductoscope Surgery

Component of complete ductoscope set:

Medical Monitor (21”, 24”, 27”, 32”, 43”)
Endoscope Camera System
LED Cold Light Source
HD Video Recorder
Fiberoptic Ductoscope

Product material

1. Our endoscope camera system use 304 stainless steel, brushed metal which contributes to cleaning, disinfection and maintenance. Color of machine appearance wont change for long-term use.
2. Set screws use stainless steel material, so screws wont rust off and cause electrical short which extends service life of machine.
3. Baseboard of inner circuit board uses simple brass and protection cover, which is effective protection to antijamming of circuit and ground connection.


1. Lavage duct lavage, cytological examination, confirm the diagnosis, and achieve a certain therapeutic effect. 
2. Plasma cell mastitis and other diseases, the diseased breast duct is flushed, and antibiotics and other drugs are injected. 
3. The use of the net basket under the breast duct endoscopy to remove large flocs or dredge the breast duct. 
4. Locate the tumorous lesions by crocheting under the ductoscope and accurately remove the lesions.
5. Breast endoscopy-assisted minimally invasive resection of diseased breast ducts.


1. Under normal circumstances, it is a non-invasive inspection operation.
2. The examination can be performed under direct vision, which can be used as a basis for clinical diagnosis to clarify the surgical indications for breast disease patients with nipple discharge without palpitation and lumps, and exempt patients with symptoms such as duct dilation Surgery; at the same time, it provides a reliable basis for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
3. Provides three-dimensional surgical positioning, clarifies the location and scope of the operation, improves the accuracy and success rate of the operation, and reduces the scope of the operation. For example, it can accurately determine the distance between the breast cancer lesion and the nipple.
4. With the aid of the breast duct mirror instrument channel, some surgical and inspection instruments can directly enter the milk duct cavity. For example, the cell brush can be used to brush cells at the lesion site (no longer obtain cell samples by sucking the liquid in the cavity) for cytological examination, using instruments (E.g. basket) to extract a single benign thorn tumor and complete some local operations.
5. With the development of clinical medicine, ductoscopy will create favorable conditions for the application of laser technology to directly remove tumors in the ducts

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