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SY-XLX Laparoscopic Simulator Training Box

SY-XLX Laparoscopic Simulator Training Box


The box is made of pmma and silica gel; Simulated pneumoperitoneum
The design of holes layout is to imitate the actual surgery region, and the human skin regions is imitated by silicon pads to be more elastic.
The camera can be hand-holded or fixed by bracket, just like actual surgery operation
The manual focus USB camera can be connected to PC to show video & image.
Small size, light weighted, with carrying case.

Laparoscopic Simulator Training Box


This simulator training box is suitable for hospitals, schools and other clients for training, but it can't be used in animal surgery. It’s for general surgery, urology, gynecological endoscopic surgery, very useful and convenient for doctors to do practice to improve surgical technique. Besides, it can also be sued for experts teaching.

Product advantages

1. Easy to operate
2. Easy to carry
3. Different modules for choice
4. Bracket holds camera, direction can be adjusted
5. Different types of box for choice
6. All necessary accessories are included.

Technical specification

Diameter 340mm
Application Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Urology
Holes 5
Material Pmma and silica gel
Instruments Optional

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