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SY-XDH Sterilizing Box for Rigid Endoscope & Instruments

SY-XDH Sterilizing Box for Rigid Endoscope & Instruments

    Model: SY-XDH

    Brand: SHREK

    Product Type: Sterilization Equipment

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It is mainly used for the integrated operation of storage, transportation and disinfection of various types of endoscopic instruments. There are different types such as single layer and double layer.
Double-layer structure, more space. With the silicone card position, the fixing is firmer to prevent the equipment from collision and damage. It can be used in various sterilization methods, such as plasma, EQ, autoclaving, etc..

Sterilizing Box for Rigid Endoscope & Instruments

Aluminum and stainless steel sterilization boxes and a full set of related accessories constitute a complete sterilization box system. Compared with traditional aseptic packaging, it shows better safety, economy and high efficiency in the collection, classification, disinfection, sterilization, storage and transportation of surgical instruments. It is an ideal choice for users to update aseptic packaging materials.
The aluminum sterilization box is specially treated to withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization, and can also be sterilized by low-temperature plasma. According to different designs, there are various spatial structures.

Easy to store
Numerous in variety
Good material,
Economical and durable
Wide range of applications

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