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SY-TD Headlight

SY-TD Headlight


Headlight usually consists of battery, headband, lampholder, lamp bowl, etc.
All parts are installed on the headband, and the operator wears it on the head during use. In the use process, there is no need for any connecting wire, which is very light and makes the operator more free.
The specially designed lamp tube chain link and connector can realize unobstructed coaxial illumination and adjust the illumination angle.



The headlight usually Widely used for cardiothoracic, cardiovascular surgery, neurological surgery, ENT, dental, plastic surgery, brain surgery, also for pet medical, etc..

Product advantages

1. Synchronized adjustment, accurate positioning
2. Large field of view, long depth of field, high CRI
3. International brand LED light source. High Brightness. High display and daylight color
4. Flexible fiber optical,excellent light transmission
5. Basic function: double wireless batteries, brightness adjustable
6. Fine surface design and manufacture

Technical specification

Light source LED light
Power 3W, 5W, 80W
Working life ≥20,000h
C.T. 4500K±500K
Illumination 17500Lux
Weight 450g

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